Meet the Team!

Industry professionals that tied the knot and took the leap

Gustav - Programmer of all things web

Hi I’m Gustav

I am a Founding Partner and Software Developer at Twodoodles. With over 8 years experience working for clients in corporate industries, I've gained enough skills to not just build a system from the ground up, but also conceptualise and architect a clients vision.

My specialties include full stack software development (NodeJS), responsive website development, native apps, and turning any design Sam creates into a functional, user friendly and cohesive project. I love to enter Game Jam’s and create 3D models in my spare time.

Samantha - Designer of love & life

Hi I’m Sam

I’m a Founding Partner and Art director at Twodoodles. I have a Bachelor of Design Degree and 4 years experience, with both corporate & family-owned companies.

In my spare time I enjoy entering Freelance competitions & designing alongside my partner in Game Jam’s. When I’m not working I love to be in my garden, with a glass of wine and our 2 little doodles.

Meet our little doodles, Pie (the Yorkie) & Rex (the white fluff)

One of the reasons we decided to start Twodoodles was to spend more time doing what we love and having who we love around us everyday.

Our dogs are a big part of our lives and whether they are sitting on the floor beneath our feet or on our laps (always curious to see what we are working on) they love being with us.

They are also daily reminders to take a break, gain new perspectives, play with the dogs outside and get some vitamin D, all at once! This benefits our careers greatly.